Training & In Service

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Half and One-Day VoWac Training & In-service

VoWac Publishing Company offers a variety of training and workshops tailored to fit the needs of your school.  Training sessions may range from a half-day to two-days.

Half and one-day workshops are designed to cover some of the basic and essential elements teachers will want to have prior to formally beginning to teach Vowac lessons.  The main goal is to meet the immediate needs of the instructors in the school.  Much of the time is used to get teachers familiar with the components of VoWac lessons; visual and auditory drill, using the blending shelf, multiple spelling charts, and delivery of lesson content.  There is a certain amount of time spent on identifying characteristics of learning modalities and modality instructions.

Teachers are asked to bring their teaching guides and materials to the session.  This allows for them to make notes accordingly.  It is a fast-paced training session but will offer skills that can easily be transferred to the teaching regiment.

Half-day and one-day training sessions are usually targeted at schools in closer proximity to the VoWac home office.  This is mostly due in part to cost.  Fees for half-day sessions (3 hours) are $200 plus expenses (mileage, meals, and possibly lodging).  One-day session fees can vary depending on location.  Typically, fees for these sessions are $700 plus expenses.  There is considerable discussion between VoWac and the school prior to finalizing any fees and activities for these training sessions.

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