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Pilot Program

Pilot inclueds free workbooks!

Try VōWac® in your school!

VōWac® has proven itself during its pilot period. It has thrilled parents/guardians as they see their children’s confidence and skills grow. Truly the best I have seen in 30 years of teaching!!! –Mardie M., Reading 1-12, Cape May NJ

VōWac® Publishing Company offers a unique pilot program making it easy to decide if VōWac® Phonics is right for your school.

We invite you to use VōWac®’s Phonics program in any two classrooms for a full year. Choose any combination of kindergarten, first or second grades.

VōWac® will provide two classrooms with up to 18 phonics workbooks in each room.

Compare the results with what you’re currently using.  If you like the results, purchase the teaching materials and continue to use the program.  We would be happy to help your school expand the VōWac® program by including spelling in classrooms and grades.

If you’re not satisfied with the results of your students’ progress, simply return the materials.  Either way, there is no charge for the pilot student workbooks.  This plan will provide a clear opportunity to actually see the effectiveness of the VōWac® program.  Your up-front cost is only the shipping and handling of the product.

If you have any questions about this program, or need any other information, please feel free to CONTACT US.  We’re looking forward to helping you to get your students “academically dressed for success!”  It’s what we do!

There’s a reason why over 95% of the schools that pilot VoWac adopt in part or whole.  They have yet to find anything more effective.  If you can find a more effective program – buy it!

John Pfeifer VoWac

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