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Spelling skills for a lifetime of success

This being my first year using VōWac® in our school, I have to say I am very impressed with the results…I had a second grader who was struggling to read. She is excelling in leaps and bounds…The children love the CLOVER words and I have never heard one moan or groan when I tell them it is their turn for VōWac®. Parents are very pleased with how well their children are doing in reading and spelling. Thank you for such an excellent program…If other schools are considering this program I would STRONGLY recommend it.” –J. Bergstrom, K-8 Teacher, Sidney, MT

Spelling Homeschool

VōWac® Spelling program teaches children how to become spellers instead of teaching them how to spell certain words. Once they acquire the skills to spell unfamiliar words, they become spellers for a lifetime.

VōWac®’s spelling methods teach children the mechanics and construction of the written word; how and why a word is pronounced and spelled a certain way.

VōWac® Spelling uses direct instruction featuring intensive teacher-student interaction with immediate feedback. Structure of the language taught is sequential. The organization of the English language gradually unfolds before the child’s eyes. The more a child knows about the language, the better speller he becomes. 

Children develop their long-term memory through multi-sensory methods. Games and activities, using manipulative articles, aid students who learn best by doing.

Included are fun activities designed to improve children’s auditory and visual memories. VōWac® implements a Modified Fernald method for memorizing the spellings of non-phonetic words.

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