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VōWac® Lease Now Available to Home Schools!

This coming fall we will be home schooling a 2nd Grader and Kindergartener. Our oldest has been exposed to VōWac® at his current school and I am so impressed with how it works. He currently reads at a 5th grade level and is only in 1st grade!!! Therefore, I am very interested in maintaining this instruction in our home schooling…and am very excited about this program… – Jenny S., Doon IA

VōWac® Publishing Company recognizes the value of education, both in our private and public schools, AND at home. We also are aware of the costs incurred to acquire effective curriculum. It is one of the reasons VōWac® discounts the classroom teacher kits and various other items.

In an effort to make VōWac® more financially feasible, VōWac® offers homeschools and tutors a lease option. Many teaching materials are available for a period of one year for 40% of the retail value. The items we distribute for lease purposes are both new and used. In addition to taking advantage of the lease option, items may be purchased at the end of the first year, with the entire lease amount being applied to the purchase. We have yet to find any other company to offer this exceptional value to parents.

Here’s an example of how it works. Suppose a set of teacher guides is needed. Instead of buying them straight out for $150.00, a homeschool or tutor could lease them for one year for $60.00. The only additional fee would be for shipping and handling. In this case, $18.00. The return shipping cost would need to be added.

We also recognize that homeschool and tutor settings do not really need every item found in a classroom kit. Some items are designed specifically for large group use. When you place your order for leased materials, we will help you determine what work best for your small group or one-on-one needs

Homeschool parents and tutors are offered a lease option for many of the non-consumable items. These include teacher guides, many of the flash cards, and some of the essential teacher items. A training DVD is also available (without cost) to help you become better acquainted in the VōWac® process.

Of course, the consumable materials are not available for lease, nor are CDs and some of the lower priced non-consumable items we offer. The only thing we ask is that leased materials be treated with respect and guarded against any unnecessary abuse. Materials do not need to be treated with ‘kid gloves’. We want and expect them to be used. Simply treat any leased materials as if they were your own.

Be sure to contact the VōWac® if you have any questions about the leasing option. We will make every effort to assure you are getting the effective materials you need to accomplish the goal of educating your child. We value your efforts and respect the goals you have set. We’ll recommend only materials that meet your needs.

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