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O-G Activities from Gwelda Carlson

Over the last couple of decades, VoWac has had the pleasure and privilege of working with several talented educators across the country. Gwelda Carlson, from the Lincoln, Nebraska area, has been one of the people that has provided so many invaluable resources, not just to VoWac, but to many teachers and parents over the years.

It was Gwelda’s efforts that allowed VoWac to add three excellent resources to our product line; Reading Skills Plus, Word Fluency Builders, and Plays and Reader’s Theater. These titles have provided scores of teachers and parents with struggling children a chance to make a difference in their learning how to read.

Gwelda’s cumulation of resources includes a bevy of games and activities that we hope to share with educators and parents for years to come.

And so, to Gwelda Carlson, my extreme appreciation and gratitude for letting VoWac share your knowledge and expertise. We encourage you look over the games and activities she has created and download anything and everything you can use. Pass them along to friends and colleagues.

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