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Special Savings

Because it’s been used – you save!

Each year, VōWac® attends several conventions, offers training workshops and in-services, and sends out preview materials across the country. When they find their way back to our office, these materials are placed in our stock of “used” inventory.

Generally speaking, we try to reuse items several times. Most of the items finding their way home are in a “like new” condition. Slight wear, a light scuff, or a dog-ear is often the worst that happens.

All of these materials are available for purchase at a 20% discount….sometimes more! We know how budgets have gotten tighter in our schools. We know that every penny counts. If you plan on purchasing any individual items, be sure to ask if we have any used in stock.

Some used items are available when you order teacher kits. If these items are requested when ordering kits, VōWac® will make sure you have the appropriate discount. Keep in mind that teacher kits are reduced over 15% already. Even though you may not receive an additional 20% savings on the entire kit, rest assured, there will be an additional savings on used items.

We will make every effort to keep an up-to-date list of items available on this site. Used items often come in and leave our office the same day. Since there are many other issues we need to address on a daily basis, the list may not be complete or totally accurate. But when you inquire, we will be able to provide you with a quick response on availability.

Sometimes books travel “around the block” several times and become ‘ratty’ looking. Materials of this quality are removed and not made available. We do not want you dissatisfied with the quality of products at any cost! No, you can’t save enough to buy a new school van. But you can probably save enough to fuel it. Be sure to take every opportunity for a chance to save.

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